Utility Installations

KTA boasts vast utility experience for this ‘industry within an industry’, and has a dedicated team specialising solely in the provision of utilities and infrastructure.

Specialisms include the provision of all utilities to over 20,000,000 sq ft of developments, service provision from up to 20km to sites, individual developments over 500 hectares, dedicated 132/11kv primary sub-stations and IP/MP gas provisions, coordination on and off site for services, distribution, centralised sprinkler and hydrant water supplies and borehole installations.

Magna Park Lutterworth

The largest dedicated distribution park in Europe, complete with central sprinkler and private sewage treatment. KTA handled all services connections from up to 20km away.

There is an ongoing extension of the park to provide Magna Park North and South with over 8,000,000 sq ft of new distribution facilities and logistics academy. We were instrumental in providing a new primary substation and securing a 24MVA supply for the developer.

To unlock the development, there were a host of services diversions on the A5 and a realignment of Mere Lane. We were responsible for arranging the diversions, all of which were in proximity to a Cadent HP gas main.

100 Bishopsgate

This scheme had a £4.5million utility budget and included the phased deactivation and disconnection of all utilities to a mixed use development, with new supplies installed to site boundary prior to redevelopment.

St. Davids, Cardiff

A multiuse residential, commercial and public realm scheme within a historic city centre, which included the building of a library.

This scheme involved KT being utility services master planners for over 750,000 sq ft of city centre redevelopment.  KTA’s skill and knowledge resulted in a reduction of £900,000 for utilities on a £9million budget.

Princesshay, Exeter

A multi-use residential, commercial and public realm scheme within a historic city centre. This scheme involved KTA being utility services master planners for over 530,000 sq ft of city centre redevelopment.

KTA saved the client in excess of £590,000 on utilities on a £6million budget.

Selly Oak Shopping Park

A mixed use scheme, which included retail and student accommodation elements. This scheme involved the diversion of overhead 132kV cables/pylons and intermediate gas pressure mains.

East Hemel

Another prestigious long term scheme with an upgrade of the A414 and M1 Junction 8, plus a new commercial area highways Project Breakspear design is in progress.

  • Diversion of all services including protection of five oil pipelines across the site.
  • New grid/ primary substations – 60MVA
  • 1,300,000 sq ft B8, 580,000 sq ft B1, 3000 residential units plus two local centres planned with extension of infrastructure services.
  • Planning suspended in 2021 due to resume September 2021 with submission in 2022.

KTA was responsible for utility infrastructure master planning and M&E services. Anticipated build out period including residential units is 17 years.


Scheme involving upgrade of A414 – New roundabout and site bypass road with the diversion of all services including oil pipeline across site access.

New primary substation – 24MVA with rail freight interchange linking into the Midland Mainline.
3,000,000 sq ft planned with extension of infrastructure services.  Final land acquisition being sought with enabling works starting in 2022.

KTA is responsible for utility infrastructure and M&E services.

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